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  1. Today's Yu Neng's big day! The YN80 Gala Dinner has concluded on a high note. Check back the YN80 page for more pictures soon.
  2. Yu Neng pays it forward. As part of YN80, we will be embarking on the #SGBears project. To take part in the mass sewing on 3 Aug, learn to sew the Overcast Stitch
  3. The final installment of the YN80 video is out now. Watch the YN80: Experiences, Changes, Futures, Wishes - Part 3 video.
  4. E-Learning Day will take place on 24 July. Pupils will remain at home to access AsknLearn for Home-Based Learning.
  5. The P1 registration exercise for 2016 will be conducted from July onwards. For more info, click here.
  6. Teamwork P5 pupils attended the NE Show on 11 July 2015. See the pictures on the Events page.
  7. For more info on the P6 Prelim Exam Schedule & Scope and the P3 - P5 Mini-Test Schedules, click on the relevant links.